Powder Coating

Our powder coating offers a speedy turnaround and high-quality finish which can be applied to all kinds of material such as aluminium, galvanised and mild steel.

Wet Spraying

Our wet spraying booths can provide a high-quality finish in primer, single or two pack paints. We offer different specifications such as marine specs and other multicoat systems for different environments.

Shot Blasting

Our blast room allows us to blast big steelwork to different grades. Being such a large facility, this allows us to turn around the work faster whether the items are large or small. With 3 blast pots at hand we can choose different pressures to blast clean surfaces to a smooth or rough finish.

Metal Spraying

Our metal spraying offers two different coating which are zinc and aluminium. Zinc being the best for long lasting undercoat protection, and aluminium is best used for steel that is going to be exposed to heat such as car exhaust manifolds.

Lifting Systems

We have two fork trucks available with drivers certified, plus an overhead crane with lifting capacities of 2.5 tonnes.


Packaging is one of our main priorities in our work force as this must protect the final finished products. We do not let work leave our site until inspected and wrapped to the right standard.

Collection & Delivery

We can offer a collection and delivery service. Please contact us for more information.

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